Karaoke version

As you may have been aware, we were recently played on BBC introducing, southern counties radio. The track entitled ‘Untitled’ went down so well with listeners last week (Sunday 14th November) that it was played again today. This is very surprising. Surprising because during the airplay the vocal track was completely inaudible. A little bit like a sing-along Creaking Chair Karaoke version.

This oddity has something to do with the dynamic range compression of FM broadcasting conflicting with the way our recordings were mixed. This above sketch has something to do with what I have just said.

I still don’t really understand compression but intend to grasp it soon. I have also never been particular interested in sound and the technical process of recording. Sound is not my friend. It’s like a bar of soap that keeps slipping out of my hand.

November 21, 2010 at 11:28 pm